Investment Procedure

Balanced Advise

The input of Bastion Participaties exists of more than money alone. With the experience of funds manager of companies and with the network of the shareholders of the fund, Bastion Participaties is able to function as a sounding board for the management, especially when strategic and organisational issues are present. As fellow shareholder, Bastion Participaties contributes in any way that advances achieving the goals of the company. Furthermore, Bastion Participaties offers temporary management to the current board or takes over the management temporarily if deemed necessary.

The lionshare of the participants of Bastion Participaties consists of entrepreneurs and ex entrepreneurs with specific experience and expertise in various fields. From this group commissioners are proposed, through which Bastion Participaties is able to really make a constructive contribution to the development of the company. Evidently, the tasks and responsibilities of the management board are completely respected.

Clear Agreements

Through an active market approach and the usage of the existing network, there are constantly talks ongoing with multiple parties. When a possibility for shareholding appears, familiarization and further orientation will follow. This is the most important phase. In this phase, a basis of trust must be established for the future. As far as Bastion Participaties is concerned, there must be a connection with the management board, especially because the board plays a prominent role in the development of the company. Some important subjects in this phase are not only the financial factors, but also in particular the vision of the management board, potential for growth, competition and, if applicable, relevant technological developments.

After an agreement has been reached about the principal conditions, it is registered in a framework agreement. This document including the price, structure and other conditions of the transaction forms the basis for the future cooperation. After that the next phase, the due diligence investigation, can be started quickly. Here in particular the supplied information, in coherence with the business plan, is tested and the desired financing elaborated. Finally, the transaction is registered in the definitive purchase agreement.

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